PHILIP McCLENAGHAN BA (Hons). | Founder & Managing Partner

Philip McClenaghan is a Designer, 3D Artist, Lecturer and Entrepreneur. His career has led him from London, Munich, Vienna and Kiev to Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau und Johannesburg. During this time he has completed numerous design projects, founded businesses in Germany, held presentations at international conferences and lectured at universities in the UK and Germany.

His expertise lies in Retail, Exhibition und Games Design, Visualisation (3-D / Animation / VR), Design Research und Management and International Business Development. In over 30 years of professional activity Philip McClenaghan has worked with a wide range of international clients including Porsche, Diesel Footwear, Bosch Siemens, Coca Cola, Kempinski Hotels, The Pearson Group, Capital Shopping Centres Plc and The Bavarian Ministry for the Environment.






Module: Visual Thinking. Bachelor & Master Degrees in Computing / Communication Design / Interactive Media.

Module: Computer Games Development. Bachelor & Master Degrees in Computing / Communication Design / Interactive Media.

Module: Internet Applications & Computer GamesBachelor Degree in Computing.

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AUGSBURG UNIVERSITY | School of Philosophy and Social Sciences.

Module: Investigative Approaches to Computer Games and Virtual Worlds. Bachelor Degree in Digital Media.

TEESSIDE UNIVERSITY | School of Arts and Media.

Module: Forms and Techniques of Drawn Communication. Bachelor Degree in 3D Design.

Module: Principles of Spatial Design. Bachelor Degree in 3D Design.

TEESSIDE UNIVERSITY | School of Computing.

Module: Games Design Theory. Bachelor Degree in Games Design.

Module: Media Semiotics. Bachelor Degree in Games Design.

Module: User Interface Design. Bachelor Degree in Computing.


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